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deathofalover's Journal

27 November

ghetto lux

this is the story of a kid from houston.he adores fashion, friends, and music. He hates assholes, pretentious bullshit, and vanity...well vanity isn't that bad. add him and he'll add you back.

50 cent, add n to (x), alf, amores perros, amélie, at the drive in, belle and sebastian, ben harper, beyonce, bjork, black and white movies, blonde redhead, bracelets, braid, bright eyes, burberry, cavalli, cibo matto, cinematography, clipse, coldplay, common, couture, curious george, cursive, custo, dance dance revolution, daria, death cab for cutie, dior, dolce & gabbana, dressy bessy, elliot smith, erykah badu, espanol, fat albert, felix da housecat, fendi, ferragamo, fiona apple, fischerspooner, franka potente, gael garcia bernal, galliano, garbage, ghost world, glitter, gq, grade, hair, hair clips, handsome boy modeling school, hermes, hey mercedes, hooverphonic, interpol, invader zim, japancakes, jawbreaker, journalism, kirsten dunst, kisses, lacoste, ladytron, le tigre, legendary pink dots, les savy fav, lil' kim, lilo and stitch, louis vuitton, makeup, manicures, manolo blahnik, marc jacobs, margot tenenbaum, mars volta, massive attack, mates of state, metrosexual, missy elliot, miu miu, mixtapes, mock orange, mogwai, mohammed rafi, morcheeba, mount sims, nelly furtado, neutral milk hotel, paul frank, paul smith, peaches, pedicures, pharell, photek, photography, piebald, planes mistaken for stars, prada, pretty girls make graves, q and not u, race car riot, rainer maria, red animal war, riot girl music, rival schools, run lola run, salsa, scarves, sean paul, sex and the city, shakin' mah booty, shoes, six feet under, sleeping, sonic youth, sparta, squarepusher, stars, stickers, sushi, talib kweli, that 70's show, the anniversary, the casket lottery, the dismemberment plan, the faint, the gentle waves, the rapture, the rentals, the shins, the sounds, the virgin suicides, thora birch, thrift stores, tom ford, trains, trembling blue stars, ultimate fakebook, vespas, vintage, vivienne westwood, vogue, weezer, will and grace, y tu mama tambien, yeah yeah yeahs, yo la tengo, yves st laurent gauche